There are certain ages that are what I like to call “coming of age” ages.

For example, at age 13, you have officially entered the ladder of adolescent anguish and you have left childish innocence behind (at least that is how it worked in my time).

At age 18, the door to (legally) drink, drive and vote opens wide, and a lot of responsibility will hit you like a receipt from HECS.

At 21, well, nothing particularly remarkable, but it’s a great excuse to throw a party.

And, of course, 30 – the point of no return to adulthood.

If I had to model my life against my parents when they were my age … I suppose you could say that similarities are scarce. But that was a different time.

Now, the 30th is when things start to get really good, mainly thanks to a series of physical and neurological changes that occur at this stage of the life cycle.

Sure, hangovers can get worse exponentially and certain cognitive tasks may feel inexplicably more difficult, but there is real evidence to show that approaching 30 is when life begins to happen, see for yourself then.
Sexy time is better for thirty-somethings. It is a fact.

Sexy time is better for thirty-somethings. It is a fact.


Great news! All those uncomfortable encounters and dating experiments tested and proven throughout your 20 years will pay off. With age and experience on your side, you will have a better idea of ​​what you like in your sex life, and less inhibitions when asking for it.

The sexual therapist, Dr. Sharna Striar, corroborates this perspective by saying: “People of 30 years realize the value of sex for sex. It has nothing to do with manipulation or any other sinister motive. ”

In addition, studies have shown that women between 27 and 45 have more sexual thoughts, fantasies and sex in general compared to 20-year-old women.

The study, by personality and individual differences, indicates that this is due to the fact that women go through a decrease in natural fertility at the beginning of the 30 years, so they are more inclined to think about reproduction and, therefore, in the sex


One fact: bone production reached its peak in the late twenties. Once the fourth decade begins, so does a gradual reduction in bone mass.

To prevent conditions, such as osteoporosis, which can cause bone fractures, it is recommended that you start paying attention to your calcium intake and perform some resistance training or weightlifting. Keeping your skeleton active in the gym keeps it strong, just like cheese. So the d’affinois passes! This leads to …
Cheese can still be the glue that keeps your life in your thirties.k

Cheese can still be the glue that keeps your life in your thirties.


Although your metabolism may not be as fast as it was in your teens, the good news here is that you actually gain weight during your 30s than when you were younger, according to the Washington Post.

The average person usually increases from 500 to 1 kg per year from adulthood to middle age, but, contrary to popular opinion, this increase occurs mainly in the 20s.

Dr. Lana Butner, one of the most popular naturopath doctors in New York, said she realizes that a decrease in clients in their 30s comes to look for their services with nutrition problems or weight control.

“My clients on the cusp of turning 30 generally understand better what works for them, dietary, than those in their 20s,” he said.


As you get older, you will begin to protect your time more strongly, choosing to spend it on people and efforts that really mean something to you. And with an increase in confidence, so will an increase in identity.

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Carolyn Brown of Foodtrainers notes regularly with her clients. “I have seen some of my clients develop a much stronger self-acceptance from the age of 30. They feel much more comfortable with who they are and what they want, probably one of the best achievements of aging,” he said.
Aging as a good wine? That glass of red acquires a different meaning in your thirties.

Aging as a good wine? That glass of red acquires a different meaning in your thirties.